Let Yourself Be Heard

Podcasts are the next great frontier in online marketing and community engagement.

Where It Began

ChatSapphire was born from a love for enabling others to tell their stories, share their wisdom, and to connect with their communities.

Located on the beautiful Sapphire Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, we are passionate about promoting our local community by sharing local stories and expertise with global relevance.

Digital technology is making it possible for us to help anyone anywhere to launch their podcast dream.

How Can We Help You?

Regardless of where you are in the world, starting a podcast is one of the easiest ways to reach people who share your interests, or for promoting your business.

ChatSapphire offers an array of services to make your transition into podcasting as simple as possible.


We’ll help you develop a unique and attractive identity for your podcast & give you access to a promotional starter kit


We take care of all the platform management & uploads for you so that you can focus on content development


Your podcast will be easily accessible through various direct links & vendors according to your audience’s preferences

Upload Plans

Choose one of the plans below based on your content and support requirements.

Coral Plan

R230 / month
  • Podcast Mini-Site
  • Show ID Graphic Design
  • Monthly Uploads: 1-3
  • Basic Promotional Kit
  • Sponsor Mentions
  • Jingles

Basic Promotional Kit Includes:


  • Show ID Graphic for social media
  • Branded blank social media slide

Pearl Plan

R299 / month
  • Podcast Mini-Site
  • Show ID Graphic Design
  • Monthly Uploads: 4-6
  • Standard Promotional Kit
  • Sponsor Mentions per episode: 1
  • Top & Tail Jingle

Standard Promotional Kit Includes:

Basic Kit plus

  • Show launch asset for social media
  • Show ID with sponsor logo per episode

Sapphire Plan

R345 / month
  • Podcast Mini-Site
  • Show ID Graphic Design
  • Monthly Uploads: 7+
  • Pro Promotional Kit
  • Sponsor Mentions per episode: 2+
  • Top & Tail + Sponsor Jingle

Pro Promotional Kit Includes:

Standard Kit plus

  • Show brand design elements for use in creating own additional assets

Recording Plans

These plans are optional for customers who prefer to have their content professionally recorded, or for shows with multiple hosts and/or guests. Customers can select any recording plan regardless of their upload plan, in order to match their content requirements.

Travel to our Studio on the Sapphire Coast, KZN, is required.


R322 / month
  • 1 Hour Studio Recording Time pm


R529 / month
  • 2 Hours Studio Recording Time pm


R874 / month
  • 4 Hours Studio Recording Time pm

Rates for stand-alone or additional in-studio recording are available on request.

Studio Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 09h00 to 17h00

What Are You Waiting For?

What’s been holding you back from getting started? Budget, technical “savvy”, time constraints, or a combination of factors?

Do you have an idea to share, a business to promote, or want to pursue your artistic side?

Join our growing community of podcasters. Sign up with ChatSapphire today!

How Does It Work?

With ChatSapphire, we make the process of launching your podcast as easy as…


Sign up a membership account. Select and make the first payment for your chosen upload plan. Please ensure that you have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

A consultant will contact you via email to discuss the details of your show and your brand preferences.


We prepare all the technical requirements for your podcast. The show notes will include a description and links to your pre-existing online platforms.

We design  your Show ID graphics and promotional kit.


Submit your first content for uploading. Audio files can be sent to us via WhatsApp or via a file sharing service.

That’s it! 

We take care of the rest.